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5 sexy crossdressers you should follow on instagram

We all love instagram. We love the way it makes each and everyone of us feel like we are born artists. When you first land on instagram and create a profile that is going to take away a quality chunk from your productive time, you will notice dreamily snaps of pets, filter applied stir fry dinners, and the rage “selfie”. However, the real fun begins when you start using the feature that twitter immortalised: hashtags! 

Instagram has 130 million monthly active users, 16 billion photos shared, 1 billion “likes” every day, and 45 million photos uploaded daily. With these numbers, it was only a matter of time before the pretty sissies, traps, crossdressers and gender-benders made to it! Following my article on the Top 6 Crossdresser Tumblr Blogs, I turned my attention to Instagram and girl was I not disappointed.

Type "sexy" on Instagram and you are awarded with a delightful array of well, sexy people and their shots. But how is it any different than doing the same thing say on Google? Well, the same way it is different for any search on Instagram: the touch of authenticity, the feeling of amateur delight and product that does an amazing job taking away performance pressure. So here are my pick of 5 sexy crossdressers you should follow on Instagram (in no particular order)!

Instagram Photos for "#sexy"

1. Cindy - The pretty princess

Cindy, or rather CindySometimes (how apt a name is that!) is the embodiment of all things pretty, pink and frilly. As far as being an adorable sissy goes, Cindy goes a long way. 

In fact, she's so pretty with those golden locks of blond hair falling alongside the fuzzy dresses that you can't help but want to ask her out.

If had to check myself thrice so that I do not go on talking about those glorious legs, the totally hot bust in red! Sigh!

Cindy says she's "just a guy who likes being girly & having fun! Cute dresses, gowns, heels, & chatting."

2. Austin Mesa aka Ripley Jinxx - the Drag Queen (in training)

Austin Mesa goes by the handle of @austinwm on Instagram. 18 year old scorcher and ariser of sinful thoughts from New York City is a Cosmetology Student. An occupation that could not rhyme any better than this lovely damsel.

Mesa runs a helpful (and hot) little channel on YouTube as well where she shows Boy to Girl Transformation guides and tutorials.

If Cindy was all things Cinderella, Austin is all about being the Eve with the apple. The crimson hair, the ample bosom, the flashy pink lips speak drag queen with charisma all over. 

3. Jonel Cabling Reigne - The Vixen

On Instagram as @jrgne, Jonel is openly gay who just love dresses. On Kik: jrgne (don't Kik her before you have followed her though and you better have a clear face picture when you message). 

Jonel is a serious scorcher switching between your high school sweetheart to the girl next door to that vixen you suddenly spot in your local nightclub before she disappears in a heartbeat!

4. CD Steven - The willing learner

As you would guess from the name and her handle of @cdsteven3 on Instagram, pretty little Steven has not yet come over to the crossdressing world in a big way. However, what she misses on the front of a femme name, she more than makes up for a willing nature, a lovely demure and a whole lot of enthusiasm. Now I have got you subs and dommes all worked up haven't I!

5. Sarah Paige - The Nymphet

Sarah Paige is just that - one sexy nymphet. However, one look at the eyes and you know she's going to be that bitchy kind - don't get me wrong at all, it is the desirable bitchyness, the perfect amount of that Parisian coyness hiding the snapping desire. If anyone reading this has seen a bit of the great French Cinema of the 70s and 80s, you'll know what I mean! Find her as @sarahpaigemtf on Instagram

And as though all those teasing little pictures hidden behind a layer of harmless flirtation wasn't enough, all she writes on her profile is, "Looking for love. <3" See what I mean?

----------------------- [Editor's Note:] -----------------------

This list is by no means extensive and neither does it claim to be the authoritative list. The crossdressing world is so fascinating that I am bound to miss out on some gorgeous girls and ladies out there. Even within a single platform Instagram. If you know of someone that must be on this please please let me know in the comments! I would love to check her out (all pun intended)!

PS: As it would be, my facebook page - The Crossdressing Eden reached it's 100th follower. This might not be a big number in itself, it's still something for me. If you'd like, please go ahead and like my page!

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